"When you're up against the resources of the government, you need the best."

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Attorneys Howard Greenberg, Jonathan Rosenberg, and associates, provide you the experience, dedication, and creativity you need to successfully fight the government.

We have won literally thousands of dismissals and jury verdicts across the city and state of New York - matters ranging from press-addled sex crimes to false abuse allegations, to major homicides and top-count felonies.

Why We're Not Like Other Lawyers

Every lawyer is different; every case is different; but every victory is the same. And that's what makes us different. We know how to do the same thing the right way when the stakes are high and your life is on the line. 

"The first rule of defense: Only innocent people enter my office — there's nothing a prosecutor can do for my client that I can't do on papers, or for that matter, before a jury." 

Howard and Jonathan fight aggressively to win your case, from the time of arrest to negotiations and dismissal or trial -- they’re one of the few law firms to publish their most recent notable case results online, for all potential clients to see and question.

On Finding a Good Lawyer

"I've had to hire lawyers, and it's the worst experience as far as consumer rights... you never know what you're getting or whether the person sitting behind that big desk really gives a fuck about your problem. I've been there, and it’s a stomach churning experience. We’re upfront about fees, and we never send shock bills in the mail based on a phone call billed at a 6-minute per hourly rate. This isn’t corporate law. The stakes for defendants are much higher. You can bet that a lawyer who plays fast with billing also plays fast with the client’s life. As Howard always say: “I disavow the Saul Goodman comparison, because he routinely cheats… I only cheat sometimes.”

On Plea Versus Trial

On the right to trial: "Whether a client wants to fight at trial is their choice; the story we tell? That's a team effort. And the way we tell that story? That’s ultimately our choice. And wins and losses fall on our watch. Because we presume innocence, every case is a case for trial, unless the client gives us a reason to believe they did something worth a plea. We're always going to trial until or unless something better happens. 

On the other hand, we can usually avoid a trial if the government blinks first, and absent immigration consequences, the prosecution can swallow no jail on a major felony, We believe trial is fair. We do not believe trial is a gamble. We trust jurors, we trust judges, and we believe that there is no better system for determining innocence or guilt than a trial by jury. 

Call us at (718) 715-4845

Our Areas of Criminal Defense “Expertise” Include these Search Keywords!

Jury Trials
Bench Trials
Arrests & Detainment
Arraignments & Bail
Hearings on Motions
Major Felonies
Sex Crimes
Drug Charges
Special Narcotics
“White Collar” Crime
Appearances & Warrants
Hearings & Trial
Plea Negotiations
Letters to the Prosecutor
Modified Orders of Protection
Modifications of Judgments
Certificates of Relief from Disabilities
Immigration Post-Judgment Motions
ICE Detention Relating to Crime(s)
Post-Judgment Motions
All Writs & Motions
CPL 440 Motions
Coram Nobis Motions
Habeas Corpus Motions
Stays Pending Appeal
Appeals & Civil Objections
Reargument and Renewal
Leave to Appeal to the Court
DUI/DWI and Drunk Driving
Driving While Intoxicated
Desk Appearance Tickets (DAT)
Appellate Practice
First, Second, Third, and Fourth Departments
Appellate Division Motions
Appellate Division Briefs
First Judicial Department
Second Judicial Department
Third Judicial Department
Court of Appeals Petitions
Writs of Mandamus
Orders to Show Cause (2nd Department)
Police Investigations
Federal Investigations
Southern District of New York
Eastern District of New York
Federal Criminal Practice
Federal Writ of Habeas Corpus
NYS Penal Law 220.40
NYS Penal Law 220.26
New York Harassment
New York Assault
New York Grand Larceny
Guns and Firearms Charges
Possession and Conspiracy
Aiding and Abetting
Fraud and Larceny
Arson and Extortion
And All Other Criminal Charges 

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